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Five Breath-Taking Places in the Middle East

Silver Voyage Club team brings you to explore the Middle East, a region that is full of diverse cultures and rich history, offers a truly unique and unforgettable travel experience.

From the ancient ruins of Petra, Jordan, to the bustling cities of Dubai, the Middle East is a destination that has something to offer for everyone. Today, we would like to introduce the top five breath-holding places in the Middle East that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Petra, Jordan

If you are currently looking for an adventure that takes you back in time. Look no further than Petra, Jordan! This ancient city, carved into red sandstone cliffs, offers a truly unique travel experience that you won't find anywhere else. Petra was once a thriving trade center and was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The city was established more than 2,000 years ago and was lost to the world for centuries until it was rediscovered in the 19th century. The city was known for its impressive structures carved into red sandstone cliffs, including the Treasury, Monastery, and the Royal Tombs. These structures, along with other temples, amphitheaters, and residential areas, offer a glimpse into the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Petra and the Nabatean Kingdom. Visiting Petra can be a truly unforgettable experience, and there are several ways to explore the site, including on foot, on horseback or by camel. Petra, Jordan is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in history, culture, and natural beauty. Don't miss out on the opportunity to journey through time and explore one of the most remarkable places on earth.

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that offers a truly unique travel experience. From its towering skyscrapers and luxurious shopping malls, to its stunning beaches and world-class attractions, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach, the Palm Tree and Dubai Mall. In addition to its modern amenities and attractions, Dubai is also rich in history and culture, with several museums, galleries, and cultural centers showcasing the city's rich heritage. The new museum that we would like to recommend you to visit is the Museum of the Future, in which you will be immersed into the imaginative glimpse of what the world will be like in the next 50 years. If you plan to visit Dubai with your little ones, we would like to recommend you to visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, which is one of the world’s largest indoor aquariums. Apart from that, visitors can also explore the nearby desert, where they can take a camel ride, go sandboarding, or simply relax under the stars. So why not book your trip to Dubai today and experience the magic of this world-class destination for yourself! With its breathtaking skyscrapers, luxurious amenities, and diverse range of activities, Dubai is a destination like no other.

3. Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem is one of the oldest and most historically significant cities in the world. This city, located in the heart of Israel, is a place of pilgrimage for people of three major religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.One of the main attractions in Jerusalem is the Old City, a walled enclave that is home to many of the city's most important religious sites. Within the Old City, you can visit the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, one of the holiest sites in Judaism. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre is also located in the Old City and is considered the site of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. The Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, two of Islam's holiest sites, are also located on the Temple Mount in the Old City. The city is also filled with museums, galleries, and cultural institutions that showcase the art, history, and traditions of the region. Whether you are interested in religion, history, culture, or simply soaking up the atmosphere of this unique and fascinating city, Jerusalem has something to offer everyone.

4. Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, located in southern Egypt along the banks of the Nile River, is a city rich in history and culture. Known as the "World's Greatest Open-Air Museum," Luxor is home to some of the most impressive and well-preserved ancient Egyptian monuments in the world. One of the must-see sights in Luxor is the Karnak Temple, a vast temple complex that was once the center of religious life in ancient Egypt. The temple, which was dedicated to the god Amun, is a truly awe-inspiring sight, with its towering columns, massive pylons, and intricate carvings. Another must-see site in Luxor is the Valley of the Kings, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is home to the tombs of many of ancient Egypt's most powerful pharaohs. Visitors can explore the intricate and well-preserved tombs, some of which are adorned with stunning artwork and inscriptions. Whether you're a history buff, a culture lover, or simply looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, Luxor is a destination not to be missed.

5. The Dead Sea (Jordan, Israel and Palestine)

The Dead Sea, located between Jordan and Israel, is a truly unique destination. With its mineral-rich waters and breathtaking desert views, the Dead Sea is a place of natural beauty and rejuvenation. One of the defining features of the Dead Sea is its extremely high salt content, making it one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world. The high salt concentration creates a buoyant environment that allows visitors to float effortlessly in the water. This, combined with the mineral-rich mud that is found along the shores, has made the Dead Sea a popular destination for those seeking natural therapies for skin conditions and other health issues. Visitors to the Dead Sea can enjoy a range of activities, from swimming and floating in the salty waters to relaxing in one of the many mud baths along the shore. The Dead Sea is also surrounded by scenic desert landscapes, offering a stunning backdrop for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and bird watching. Whether you're looking to relax and rejuvenate, or to explore the rich cultural and historical heritage of the region, the Dead Sea is a destination like no other.

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